Over the years, I’ve written a few books and short eBooks. You can read more about these publications below.

Faith-Based Books

For most of my early life, I struggled with crippling fear and anxiety. In the early 90’s, I setup a website called Season of Peace to share with others my experience. To this day, the site still continues to get hundreds of visits a day.

I took the various blog posts, and turned them into books. Season of Peace documented more of my experience while going through the seasons of fear and how faith carried me in those dark times. Season of Grace introduces a new season of freedom for me. It journals my experience to freedom. Today, I’m free from fear.

Season of Peace Book

Season of Peace

An intrusive thought. A flash of fear. A rush of adrenaline. Panic!

Your body prepares to run or fight. Your mind races uncontrollably. Frantically, you try to find an escape. But how do you run from your mind?

These episodes of terror are very real. If you’ve ever battled anxiety or panic attacks, then you’ve experienced a season of fear. But there are seasons for everything-seasons of change, seasons of perseverance, seasons of pain, and seasons of joy. These one hundred life experiences are designed to take you on a journey into the Season of Peace.

Published in 2002. Available at Amazon.

Season of GraceSeason of Grace

Since his teenage years, Russ Pond struggled with crippling fear, panic attacks, and anxiety. His world closed in around him. Doctors, medications, counselors and psychiatrists only provided temporary relief, but no true freedom.

Today, Russ is completely free from the crippling fear and tormenting panic attacks that devastated his life.

This book is his autobiographical journey of faith to complete freedom. He shares practical, emotional and spiritual insights that opened the door to freedom.

Published in 2013. Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Production Book

While producing my first feature film, I documented the experience in a blog. Years later, I organized the blog material into a book about producing a feature film. I learned a lot along the way and wanted to share that experience with folks interested in making movies.

From Dream to Distribution eBookFrom Dream to Distribution

Join producer and director, Russ Pond, as he chronicles his filmmaking journey while making his first feature film, FISSURE.

Learn about the many aspects of developing, producing and distributing a film in today’s entertainment landscape, including traditional paths for distribution like DVD, theatrical, television, VoD and streaming, as well as, new web-based opportunities for marketing and online distribution.

Published in 2013. Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Short eBooks

I also like to write about marketing businesses through the power of video. I’ve created a couple short eBooks that I give away for free. Click on the following links below to download these short eBooks.