A really good “sex talk” by Bob Hamp

Teaching on Sex | Bob Hamp from Bob Hamp on Vimeo.


Chris Plekenpol’s story about Iraq – I Am Second

From I Am Second


Taking the gloves off

As part of our Fissure press gearing up for our launch of the Fissure DVD yesterday, I’ve been interviewed by a variety of press and news outlets. It’s been fun! I enjoy reading all the reviews, both good and bad.

This morning, I was reading a review from Casanova Shrugged. In Rene’s review, he makes this comment about me:

In a press roundtable interview at Hotel ZaZa last month I asked director Russ Pond what his follow-up project would be and he said that a children’s film was next in consideration. It didn’t surprise me in the least. Children’s films have the highest percentage of return on investment. Of course, making films is a business and you have to sell product to stay in the market, but I half-hoped Russ would have chosen to stay in the thriller genre and try to raise everything up a notch. I think Russ is a talented director and would love to see what he could do if the gloves were off, there were no punches pulled and he attacked a project without the hindrances of investor expectations, ratings, and budgetary concessions… That, I think, would be an amazing film.

I want to take the gloves off that would be fun!


Does God speak through you?

“God spoke to Balaam through his ass… I believe God still speaks through asses today… so if God should choose to speak through you – you needn’t think too highly of yourself.”

Rich Mullins

“Long Journey Home” online now at The Doorpost

We are proud to announce that Long Journey Home has made it to the semi-finalist round at The Doorpost Film Festival.

You can watch the film here:

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.