Checking out Wistia for embedded videos in blogs

I stumbled across this new video sharing site called Wistia, and I’m curious to see what makes them different.  I already abandoned YouTube earlier this year, and Vimeo has been a great tool to switch to.  I’m curious if Wistia has any better features that what I’m used to now.

Below is an embedded video I did.  Going to see what the difference is.

I’ll update this post with some feedback after checking it out.

UPDATE: My first reaction is, “Dang, it’s expensive.”  Here’s how Vimeo and Wistia compare:

  • Vimeo has a free basic account and a “Pro” paid account $10 per month.
  • Wistia doesn’t have a free account, and their basic account is $40 per month.

At those prices, Wistia’s basic account needs to be 400% better than Vimeo’s Pro account (and infinitely better than Vimeo’s basic account).

Wistia feels a bit more like a service for companies and site designers, not a video sharing services for the masses, especially for video hobbyists.

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