Excellence in production

I read a blog called ProLost. Stu typically covers things like the RED camera, visual effects, and filmmaking in general. But, his latest post cuts to the chase.

With ever-evolving technology, it becomes easier and easier to capture stories and make movies. But, with technology ease typically follows reduced quality. “Filmmakers” no longer have to work very hard to capture images, and so most of them don’t.

I’ve experienced this first hand as a producer. I’ve hired a variety of DP’s over the years. The DP’s range in age from 18 to 50-something. I have found that age and experience often reflects quality. The younger DP’s tend to rely too much on technology, and don’t spend the time to creative visual quality.

So, when I read Stu’s post this morning, he really nails it. He talks a bit specifically about certain video technologies, but then summarizes this lack of excellence in upcoming DP’s. He writes:

      When you only see the images, these cameras seem like they must be the best thing going. But the images are the result of a process, and

    that process is painful

      . It’s up to you to decide if sexy DOF is worth giving up control. As you make that decision, here are some things to bear in mind:

    • It’s better for a film to have good audio than shallow depth of field.
    • It’s better to have control over your camera than to shoot in HD.
    • It’s better to have good lighting than raw 4K.
    • It’s better to put time into color correction than visual effects.
    • It’s not HD if it’s not in focus.
    • There’s no such thing as a rough cut with no sound.
    • Your story is told using the images you create, not the ones you intended to create.
    • You’re not done editing until you’ve watched your film with an audience of people who don’t care about your feelings.
    • Your film is still too long.
    • Your next film will be better. How’s it coming?

    Let’s produce with excellence!

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