First Quarter

February 1 brings a unique milestone for me–my first “Quarter”. I’ve officially been “on my own” for three months now, or as they say in the business world–Q1. It’s not quite a calendar quarter–that comes at the end of March.

But, it’s my personal Q1.

Here are some of the things I have learned so far about being on your own:

  • It’s hard to pace yourself when corporate America has set your pace for the last 16 years.
  • Man, Starbucks rocks, especially after a couple of Chai Lattes.
  • I’ve already been on two vacations. Gotta love it. Headed to Mexico in 2 weeks.
  • Still have “zaps of reality” that I have to make my own money now.
  • Dreaming has become more exciting to me, because dreams are now within my reach.
  • I’m enjoying spending more time with my family.
  • Did I mention Starbucks rocks?

I’m not sure what the next quarter has to offer, but I’m excited about the opportunity.

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