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Online Video Production Company in Dallas TexasOnline videos are fast becoming a powerful marketing tool. A well-produced, high-quality video can be used to sell your products and services.

In a recent NY Times article, the power of online marketing videos is clearly explained:

Online video is becoming a first stop for many customers. It is akin to what the Web page was a decade ago — something that can give early adopters an edge over competitors. It gives them a channel to talk directly to customers in ways previously accessible only to large companies that could afford TV advertisements.

The article gives some solid reasons why web videos can be used as powerful marketing tools for all business.

Show your Products

Online videos give customers immediate visual access to your product or service offering. Instead of flying salesmen around the country or paying for costly television advertisements, online video is immediately accessible.

Create a Destination

With today’s various online video platform, it’s easy to build a destination for fans, followers and customers. Through creative storytelling, engaging visual imagery and quality production, you can communicate to vast audiences at a relatively low cost.

Use Analytics and Tools

Marketing online provides high quality, accurate metrics for measuring views, traffic, engagement, and conversions. You can immediate feedback on the response of your content, allowing you to make quick changes and adjustments which will maximize your marketing investment.

Build a Brand Channel

Online videos encourage the public to engage at a much deeper level than traditional advertising. With social media on the rise, people engage differently than they did ten years ago, and videos are the new way of communicating.

Advertise with Video

Not only can you advertise with your video, but you can also advertise around your video. YouTube provides improved ad placement options giving you more exposure.

Offer Instruction

Video is a powerful medium for “show me, don’t tell me”. Through video, you can easily demonstrate the features and benefits of your product or service.


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