Producing online videos for your website


Most people know that Google dominates online searches with a pheonomenal 7.6 billion searches in a single month.

But, do you know who is second? It’s not Yahoo. And, it’s not Bing. Amazingly, YouTube is the second most popular place to search on the web, receiving about 2.6 billion searches a month.

It’s obvious that web videos are becoming very popular. Seven out of 10 online consumers regularly watch videos on the web. Are you reaching your consumers? Are you leveraging online video to grow your site traffic and engage consumers?

If not, then we can help.

Top Pup Media has helped many companies increase their site traffic through online videos. With proper planning, professional production and effective distribution, online videos can increase traffic to your site and provide a powerful marketing resource that can reach your customers.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you produce your online video, and start reaching your customers today!



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