Blog This. Blog That.

I just realized that I probably have way too many blogs:

  • This blog
  • My business blog
  • My ministry blog
  • My son’s blog (overseer)

Trying to update them all is a bit too much. Maybe I should pull the Top Pup blog. It’s difficult keeping a business blog, when you already have a “Latest News” section. I intended it to be more personal, kind of an outlet for my passion for media. But, I shouldn’t have to explain myself and my passion for media. Simply, it should be reflected in my work.

The ministry blog is more of a news section. That was the original intention. And, I’ve used it for that. I also use to document some of my favorite quotes. It’s an easy capture system to do that.

And finally, there’s my son’s blog. To get him to take time to blog is like pulling teeth. “Why daddy?” he said this morning. “Why do I need to do this?” I explained that you don’t have to, but it would be fun to share and express yourself. A strange smirk. (Give me the pliers.)


Changes to the Pond Blog

It’s nice to have my domain up and running with my blog. In the past, I had other plans for It was going to be my production site where I could showcase my work. The problem is that I already have a Business Site to do all of that. So, it was a duplicated effort, and with multiple productions coming every month, it was too difficult to maintain both sites.

Plus, I didn’t show any traffic on the site.

So, I thought–let’s make it a pure blog site. Just a raw blog with pictures and my life. So, here we go.