I just read a fascinating article about how movie edits that correlate with human attention spans can increase a movie’s success rate. Check it out:

Hollywood movies follow a mathematical formula

( — Hollywood movies have found a mathematical formula that lets them match the effects of their shots to the attention spans of their audiences.


Sprint Now Network Commercial – Excellent animation

As a producer, I often take on projects that can be a creative challenge to produce. One of the more challenging projects to produce is one on business statistics.

Admit it–statistics can be boring. Typically, these are done with PowerPoint slides, bar charts, spreadsheets and pie diagrams. Statistics–while important–are often not very engaging.

Until now.

Sprint did a wonderful job using statistics in a fun, flashy, educational and marketing way. This is a great 60 second commercial:


Another rhythmic commercial

Whether it’s a movie, a commercial, a short film, a music video–whatever–a good editing job is rhythmic.  It’s like a song or music.  There is a beat, a pattern, a repetition.  The cuts in a good edit match the rhythm of the music, or sets a rhythm of its own.

Interestingly, I’m starting to see more rhythmic commercials.  Take a look at the Mythbusters promo spot I posted last time.  Very amazing rhythm.  Then again today, I saw a VW Golf commercial.  It too had an amazing rhythm to it as well.  Check it out:

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Wonderful world of editing

My family and I are huge fans of the Discovery Channel. Shows like Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs and Smash Labs are often tivoed ad nauseam. The other day while watching one of my Discovery shows, I saw a commercial that was simply a montage of some of the shows on Discovery. The rhythmic nature of the piece was quite amazing. The editing and sound design were sheer brilliance.

Check it out.

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