From Seth Godin – five steps to succeed for just about everyone and everything:

The number of people you need to ask for permission keeps going down:

  1. Go, make something happen.
  2. Do work you’re proud of.
  3. Treat people with respect.
  4. Make big promises and keep them.
  5. Ship it out the door.

When in doubt, see #1.


I read this from Seth Godin today, and it’s good.  You should ask yourself these 8 questions, especially for those of you in the business world:

  • Who are you trying to please?
  • What are you promising?
  • How much money are you trying to make?
  • How much freedom are you willing to trade for opportunity?
  • What are you trying to change?
  • What do you want people to say about you?
  • Which people?
  • Do we care about you?

And after each answer, ask ‘why?’


Internet 2.0

Blogging, podcasting, rss feeds, comments, trackbacks, pingbacks, twitters…you name it.  The internet has truly evolved into something different, something interactive.

Seth Godin explains it well:

You can contact just about anyone you want. The only rule is you need to contact them personally, with respect, and do it months before you need their help! Contact them about them, not about you. Engage. Contribute. Question. Pay attention. Read. Interact.

Then, when you’ve earned the right to attention and respect, months and months later, sure, ask. It takes a lot of time and effort, which is why volume isn’t the answer for you, quality is.

That’s a great way to get a job, promote a site, make a friend, spread the word or just be a human.