post Website Revamp

This weekend, I spent a few hours revamping the website. Thankfully, I use WordPress on the Genesis framework, so it was relatively simple. I found a nice theme and started to rebuild it. Old SitePreviously, the site was designed to really focus on video production, targeting my #1 SEO keyword “Dallas video production.” And, for a few years, it worked nicely. But, Google’s Hummingbird and Panada updates changed all that. My site was no longer effective for finding me new production clients.

Interestingly, there was also a shift going on within me personally. So, I wanted to have a personal website dedicated to who I am and some of the things I’ve done. I also wanted to build a platform where I could write and share what’s important to me.

I’m using the revamp to go a little deeper into the Russ Pond revamp. I plan to write some articles about identity, purpose and minimalist living–all of which have guided my life in a wonderful direction the past few years. I will also continue to write and rant about filmmaking and storytelling. I love the power of story both written and visual.

Russ Pond Triathlon TrainingAlso, I’m training for my first, full Ironman race. 140.6 miles. I registered for the 2014 Arizona Ironman.

I’ve done two half Ironman races, but apparently two halves don’t make a full. So, I’ve ramped up my training and will probably write a few posts about the experience.