Switching from YouTube to Vimeo

I think I’ve decided to switch my video hosting needs from YouTube to Vimeo.

The pattern I’m seeing is that YouTube is starting to remind me a lot of MySpace — cluttered, buggy, not user friendly, and full of trash. Vimeo feels a lot more like Facebook — clean, structured, user friendly and fun — other than Facebook’s bazillion apps. I hate those things.

Here are a few things I like about Vimeo:

  • Not only do they have more thumbnails to choose from, they let you upload your own.
  • The video quality just seems better. When uploading the Fissure web series on YouTube, it almost always glitched on the opening. Vimeo was perfect.
  • I love how Vimeo gives you a Quicktime MP4 download option. Very cool!
  • I’ve started using Vimeo for client reviews. The password protected feature rocks.
  • The overall interface is just clean, uncluttered and easy to use.

So, I’m making the switch.  Here’s the Fissure movie trailer from Vimeo:

As a comparison, here’s the YouTube video of the Fissure trailer: